Every LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan Meme Is Stupid Vol. II: Humble Mike

A recurring collection of Jordan vs. LeBron memes as a reminder that the argument has jumped the shark.

The Jordan vs. LeBron debate is the definitive sports argument of our time. It’s been going on for more than a decade now and reaches new heights of intensity with every Bron accomplishment or Jordan documentary. I’ve said it before, but here’s my take on it all: there is never going to be a definitive metric to determine which of these two is the greatest of all time, and there’s a counterargument for every argument that’s out there. And I’m not sure anyone is going to change their minds no matter what happens.

That doesn’t stop the internet from creating memes about which player is inarguably better. Every single one of these memes is f*cking stupid. The ones that call Jordan the GOAT at the expense of LeBron are dumb and ones that call LeBron the GOAT at the expense of Jordan are equally stupid. I love them. I can’t stop reading them and seeing people argue.

So I’m going to collect every meme I come across and share in this recurring series, explaining why it’s stupid and why I love its stupidity so much.

Why I Love It: This is obviously a response to LeBron James calling himself the GOAT on his show after coming back from 3–1 to beat the Warriors in the 2016 Finals. Jordan fans made a unilateral pivot from arguing that Jordan is the GOAT to arguing that Jordan never called himself the GOAT. He was now the humble king, which made him greater than LeBron by default. It was so beautifully ridiculous that it makes me want to sing the songs my heart wants to sing.

Why It’s So Stupid: Michael Jordan quite literally called himself Black Jesus. He said that. While playing basketball. He wouldn’t compare himself to Jesus. He would *call* himself Black Jesus. Sure, MJ liked to play it humble in public but he, uh, also delivered a 30-minute Hall of Fame speech shitting on everyone who ever knew him. You know damn well he thinks he’s the GOAT.

Some Actual Semi-Serious Analysis: This sort of makes sense though if it comes from anyone but MJ. Nobody can really tell who the GOAT is because eras matter. But still, it doesn’t matter because MJs ass deep down thinks he’s better at basketball than anyone ever was at anything.

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