Fool Or Sellout? 13 Questions For Trump’s New Pal Ice Cube

Today we learned that Ice Cube has been working with the Trump campaign. Everything is trash.

  1. Did the Trump campaign give you any money at any point in this whole process? I mean, this all sort of looks like some sort of pay for play type of thing. Like a sell your soul situation. I don’t know if that’s better or worse than simply being outsmarted into carrying water for Donald Trump. Is it better to be a fool or a sellout?
  2. Did you talk to Trump and them before or after you sent out tweets asking about Biden’s agenda for Black men? Because you do see how these look like straight up dishonest actions, right? You see how you look less like someone concerned for Black men and more about your own personal gain?
  3. How does it feel to be less politically astute than Plies?


5. Earlier this week, battle rappers Charlie Clips and DNA did some sort of high school musical performance PSA thing for the Biden campaign. They looked absolutely absurd. Yet they are not the most foolish-looking rappers from this week. How does that make you feel, Mr. Cube?

6. Do you realize how this is going to impact all of those former NBA players who are looking for checks from your Big Three league that you have now put in jeopardy by doing something like this? You crapped on the people who buy tickets and ride out for your league all for a working relationship with the most famous racist in the world.

7. Boyyyyyyyy. You can tell us. Is Van Jones running a Trump recruitment camp or something? Are you his Op Padawan? Is Van Jones a gateway drug to MAGA-ness? Do you see how you’re running a whole ass Trump campaign? You do, right?

8. I was in college when I went back and heard Amerikkka’s Most Wanted for the first time, putting the album on my iPod and playing it on repeat for a month. Hearing a song about a stick-up kid who hates that the only people he can rob are Black folks because he knows the police and government don’t care about them is one of the most brilliant things I ever heard in rap. Quick question: when was the last damn time you even listened to that album? Or, say, “Arrest The President?”

9. What is this obsession with getting seats to white tables that shouldn’t exist in the first place? What do you think you gain here? Who is getting free because of this?

10. This you?

11. Do you realize that all of this could have been avoided if you’d just googled Joe Biden’s campaign outreach to Black America? It’s right there on his website. Google is your friend, man.

12. That last point goes for all the Black men angry they don’t feel coddled enough in political messaging. There are literal entire ass robust plans of action for Black men. Is the angst over some belief that other marginalized groups are getting more attention? As if LGBT Black folks aren’t also men? Have you considered that maybe we should help amplify and further advocate for policies that center Black women? No, you want to be front and center in everything. So you do all of this headass performative worry when it’s really all about your stupid ego and secret desire to be just as rich, ruthless and hateful as Donald Trump because some skinfolk have so bought into the white supremacist patriarchy that they just can’t fathom not having a piece of that oppressive ass pie. Sorry, that wasn’t a question.

13. And finally the most important question. Say it with me, y’all: whose mans is this?!

Level Sr. Writer covering Race, Culture, Politics, TV, Music. Previously: The Undefeated, The Atlantic, Washington Post. Forthcoming book: The Movement Made Us

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